About ValidMind


July 12, 2024

The ValidMind platform is a suite of tools helping developers, data scientists and risk & compliance stakeholders identify potential risks in their AI and large language models, and generate robust, high-quality model documentation that meets regulatory requirements.

The platform is adept at handling many use cases, including models compatible with the Hugging Face Transformers API, and GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and hosted LLama2 and Falcon-based models (focused on text classification and text summarization use cases).

An image showing the main ValidMind Platform UI main dashboard

In addition to LLMs, ValidMind can also handle testing and documentation generation for a wide variety of models, including:

  • Traditional machine learning models (ML), such as tree-based models and neural networks
  • Natural language processing models (NLP)
  • Traditional statistical models, such as OLS regression, logistic regression, time series, etc.
  • And many more model types

What sets ValidMind apart is its focus on simplifying complex tasks for both model developers and validators. By automating critical and often tedious aspects of the model lifecycle, such as documentation, validation, and testing, we enable model developers to concentrate on building better models.

We do all of this while making it easy to align with regulatory guidelines on model risk management in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. These regulations include the Federal Reserve’s SR 11-7, the UK’s SS1/23 and CP6/22), and Canada’s Guideline E-23.

ValidMind AI risk platform

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