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July 12, 2024

Our code samples, based on Jupyter Notebooks, showcase the capabilities and features of the ValidMind Developer Framework, while also providing you with useful examples that you can build on and adapt for your own use cases.

QuickStart for Customer Churn Model Documentation — Full Suite

Learn how to use dataset and model documentation function on a simple customer churn model. The easiest way to try the QuickStart is on JupyterHub or Google Colaboratory:

A a web-based platform when you can interact with Jupyter Notebook instances on a shared server. It is commonly used as a collaborative and interactive computing environment for data analysis, scientific research, and programming.
Try it on JupyterHub:

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Google Colaboratory (Colab)
A free Jupyter notebook environment that runs in the cloud. There, you can work with our Jupyter Notebooks by saving your own copy, write and execute code, share your work to collaborate with others in real-time.
Try it on Colab:

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